Connecting to Your Higher Self

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I would like to introduce you to Shara; She is my 4D self, my Higher Self, my Inner Being.  She is the wiser part of me because she is always connected to Source. She sings as part of the Creative Process. The degree of my connection to Shara varies from day to day, moment to moment.  Some days [when I am feeling fantastic] I’m totally connected, and other days [when I feel not so good] I’m not very connected at all.  Singing has become a tool that I use to clear my energetic field, and any energetic blocks that disconnect me from my Source, the larger part of ME.  As I continue to sing, I can feel my Connection grow deeper and stronger.

So how did I make this Connection through singing?  Earlier this year, in January [2012], I was visiting Waikiki staying at the Sheraton Moana Surfrider.  Walking past the bar, I saw a guitarist on stage playing to a nearly empty room.  Impulsively, I went in and took a seat.  He noticed me walk in and when he finished the song, he looked at me and asked “Do you want to come up and sing something?” Who me? There was only one other patron in the room.  We looked at each other for a moment and then both answered enthusiastically “Sure!” I had never sang in public before but this guy was a pro, so nice, and even figured out what key I needed. I sang the song, Moondance, and rushing back to my seat, thought to myself “Wow, that was FUN!”.  The other patron was also not a professional but she did well too.  This chance encounter with a guitar player, who happens to be Bruno Mars’ uncle, totally changed my life.

There are no coincidences, and when got back home of course I saw a Groupon for Singing Lessons in San Francisco.  I got the hit to “do it” (inspired action) and splurged, 3 lessons for $49.  I have always liked to sing but growing up with a critical (unhappy) mother who made fun of my dad every time he sang (when he was happy), it never occurred to me to EVER sing in front of ANYBODY.

When I met the teacher [Alexys Paris], I immediately liked him because he has a spiritual approach to life (he is a Pisces), so I ended up also signing up for an 8 week “performance” class, where you learn to perform in a small group situation and get feedback from the teacher and your peers.  At the end of 8 weeks, there would be a student showcase where we got the opportunity to perform at a local coffee house.

Even though I have been told that I have a “nice” voice, I never sing when other people are around. Now I know why. In the very first group performance class, the moment I opened my mouth to sing, I was struck by a *blinding* migraine (I never get migraines!). It literally felt like my head was being crushed in a vice. Luckily, I had asked for a stool to sit on because I was nervous (we usually stand in class) or I would have fallen over. I immediately recognized this as a significant energetic block that I *had* and I had to do the work to move through it.  I mentally braced myself and completed the performance through sheer strength of will, literally holding my poor aching head the entire time. The other students were so concerned and so supportive that I knew I was in the right time at the right place. There are no coincidences.

It took 3 days for the migraine to completely fade away. I was very apprehensive before the 2nd class. In that second class, I did get a bad headache while performing, but not nearly as severe as the first. The other students where suprised that even I came back after the 1st class, but the group was very supportive and praised me for having the courage to come back. The headaches got better as the classes progressed, and were finally gone by the 5th or 6th class.  I had, through sheer strength of will, moved through a major block that had been holding me back for who knows how many lifetimes!

When I told a friend about this, she said it felt like I was under a major psychic attack, implant or frequency barrier. In other words, the block was deliberately placed in me by parties unknown. I had had no clue that this block/barrier was even there. Now, the block is completely gone and I have a strong, powerful voice where I don’t hesitate to speak (or sing!) my truth.  When I sing, I AM my Higher Self.  Through singing, I am bridging the gap between 3D and 4D.

Singing just happens to be a tool that I used to connect to my Higher Self.  I also use daily meditation. The tools you use may be different.  I know people who use Breathe, or Meditation, or Dancing, Running to connect them to their larger self.  Whatever tool you use, you will know it is the right one for you because of the Joy you feel when you engage in it.  I feel such Joy when I sing there is nothing that comes close, except maybe meditation.  And when you (your 3D self) and your 4D self start to merge, it will just feel like you have come Home.

The End of the Mayan Calendar

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Mayan-Calendar-resizeThe end of the Mayan Calendar is rapidly approaching – December 21, 2012. Throughout history, there have been many predictions about the “End of Days”. Do I believe the world is going to end? No, I don’t.  But I do believe that this is a time of great change.

If you surf the internet, you will see many credible studies that indicate great change.  Of these, the ones I am inclined to take more seriously are Courtney Brown’s “Climate Change” experiment, Clif High’s “Global Coastal Event”, Terence McKenna’s “End of Novelty”,  and Robert Pretcher’s “End of the Super Cycle”. All these predictions focus on different areas (climate, linguistics, timewave, and stock and financial market), but they are all pointing the end of a cycle. Also, if you throw in Patrick Gerald’s work, the end of cycle is supported by some very interesting planetary alignments in November and December of 2012. Gerald is not even looking at any 2013 alignments because he is convinced that the 2012 alignments will create enough chaos on the planet to generate an Extinction Level Event (ELE).  The other researchers are all looking at the period of great change to be between January and June of 2012.  I am anticipating   an interesting ride at the very least.

Recently I encountered what may be a minor thing, but I believe it is a sign of coming changes.  I recently returned from 2 weeks on the Big Island of Hawaii and, curiously, there was a noticable lack of turtles. I visit the Big Island every year and normally there are  Honau (turtles) everywhere – swimming around Kaalu’u and sunning on the beaches near the Keahou Beach Resort. This year, we were lucky to see 1 turtle each time we went snorkeling or diving.  Where have all the turtles gone?

Confusion is a High Spiritual State

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mind-inspiration-3d-wallpaper1-880x495Are you in a stage in your life where things are confusing to you? If you are, I congratulate you. Because confusion is actually a very high spiritual state. It is an indicator that things that you are becoming aware of do not fit into your current “world view”.  When this happens, your belief system and world view must shift/change for the new things to fit in. Sometimes this happens easily, and sometimes not so easily.  The ease of the change depends on how attached you are to your world view and your belief system.  Abraham says that a belief is just a thought that you think frequently.  A belief does not have to be etched in concrete or permanent.  When your life takes you to new places where things don’t quite “fit” in with your beliefs, that’s when confusion happens.  And confusion does not need to be a bad thing because it is what precipitates a shift in your thinking and changing your perspective to a higher one.  This happens organically if you allow it to happen.  The less you resist, the easier the shift will be.

Remember, the shift can be done easily, or with great difficulty. It is your choice.  If you resist the change, if you cling on to old (usually outdated) ways of seeing things, shifting to a higher perspective will be difficult.  On the other hand, if you focus on your guidance and following the flow, on releasing resistance, on trusting the Universe and surrendering to your highest good, the change will always come more easily. And – always – your life will become better, more joyful, more abundant, more satisfying, and more fun. This is the primary mechanism of Spiritual Growth. Always remember, how easy or how hard it is, is always your choice.

Find Your Passion

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What-is-your-passion-resizeI have been on a conscious Spiritual path since 1997. The events (occuring over a number of years) which propelled me onto this path precipitated a “dark night of the soul”, a period during which I struggled to make sense of events that occurred that did not fit into my then world view. The specifics of the events are not really important. What is important is that because these events did not fit into my then world view (based on the moral, ethical, and belief systems learned as a child), my concept of reality fell apart. This is extremely painful when it happens, and I remember thinking that there has to be something more, and a better way to live life. I could either give up and forever bury my pain with alcohol (or drugs), or I could go out and find that better way. I decided upon the latter, and then had to go through the painful and time-consuming process of constructing another foundation of belief system (ultimately on that worked better for me) from the ground up.

At the time, my “dark night of the soul” events launched me on a quest to develop my “psychic skills”, because I never wanted to be blind-sided by such events again. I plunged into a period of learning and discovery, I reading everything I could about developing my psychic skills. One book lead to another, and I soon found myself reading about past lives (and going through a vivid past life experience), meditation, and all things metaphysical. My quest for knowledge soon became a search for Truth, where I would read and toss out concepts that “didn’t feel right”, and grab onto other concepts when they did “feel right”. I never did become “clairvoyant” (psychic, clear seeing), but I learned that I am highly “clairsentient” (where thoughts and ideas just “pop” into my mind), and empathic (like Deanna Troi in Star Trek: The Next Generation). And I did learn to use these skill to my advantage, particularly in the stock market. During this time I remembered that I could do this as a child, but buried the ability at a young age because I did not know how to deal with others’ emotional pain and convoluted thinking. Slowly, I constructed a better foundation of beliefs.

In my quest for Truth, I learned to meditate, but shunned teachings that required following a “guru”. Instead, I gravitated towards teachers who were empowering, who taught you to find answers inside youeslf. In other words, I learned to let go of needing others’ approval, and instead learned to listen within. Along the way, I picked up some really excellent tools to help me listen within, meditation being the primary tool.

At first, I thought that meditation was the only way for me to listen within.  I learned by trial and error, that when I was listen within, I was really Connecting to Source.  And I learned that the easiest way to Connect to Source was to do things I love to do. When I am doing something I love, I can feel Joy flowing through me, and it puts me in The Zone. Recently I have come to understand that when the Joy is flowing through me, I am connected to my Source, and I AM my Higher Self.

I love to rollerblade, ski fast, do lapidary (cut stone), sing jazz, and play music. I love connecting to people one-on-one. I also love seeing new ideas emerge in technology, and seeing how this affects quality of life. No-one else can tell you what you are passionate about. You are the only one who can know that. The things I love to do are so diverse, that I know that I would have no way of guessing what someone else loves.

More importantly, I know that when I am connected to my Source, I am guided and protected no matter what happens because I can hear that still, small, voice within.

Isn’t it time that you connected to your Source?

George Kavassilas

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I recently came across some compelling videos from a fellow by the name of George Kavassilas. The information he presents is very timely and feels like Truth to me. Some of his best work was presented at the Sydney Equinox Seminar in 2011, and it is currently available to watch on YouTube.

There are people trying to discredit George because some of his predictions did not come to pass like he said, just as some people are trying to discrete the Operation Terra messages for the same reason.  As with any teaching, channeling, or message, you have to use your inner guidance to discern whether it aligns with your truth or not.  When I read the first OT Message in 1999 or when I listen to George, my innermost self whispers “This is My Truth”.  And that is all I need to know.  Most of the teachings that resonate with me have to do with “learning to listen to your divine self” or “connecting to your Source or Inner Being”. These are the only teachings that serve me.  I have discovered that when you connect to Source, you become start seeing things that you couldn’t before, make different decisions than you did before, and as a result your life just gets better and better.

When I first watched one of George’s videos (It was the Sun, the Moon, and the Matrix), I also *knew* that he was speaking Truth for me.

(Now remember, Truth for me does not necessarily mean it is Truth for you. It is up to you to find your own Truth, which is why you must learn to “listen within”.)

There are many teachings that show you how to discern Truth for yourself. Truth feels as if you’ve always known it. It comes from your innermost self. Abraham calls this “coming into alignment with your inner being”. The Awakening Your Light Body meditation technique goes further in that it gives you tools to become more aware of subtle energies. By becoming aware of subtle energies, you also become more aware of your connection to your Higher Self. Sanaya Roman’s book “Living with Joy” also teaches these concepts. Discernment is, for most of us, the most important thing to learn at this time.

Frequency and Consciousness

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IMG_0690There is a Secret that those in power don’t want you to know. The secret is that YOU are a powerful creator capable of manifesting pretty much anything that you want, from that new car you have been eyeing to a bright and beautiful future for ourselves and generations to come.  What is the key to manifesting, you ask?  It’s your Frequency and Emotions.  High Frequency and positive Emotions manifests what you want. Low Vibration and negative Emotions manifests what you don’t want.  It’s really that simple.

Increasing your Frequency will enable you to manifest your dream life. As your frequency rises, your manifestations will become more and more positive, and also manifest more quickly in your life.  But if you pay attention to the news and all the bad things that are happening in the world around you, your frequency stays low which is just what the powers that be want. And from that low frequency state, you have very little chance of manifesting “the life of your dreams”.  In fact, there is built-in “protection” mechanism that disables instant manifestation from a low Frequency state. This is to protect you and everyone around you.  Just imaging the chaos that could ensue if you had the power to manifest instantaneously from a lower frequency!

The thing about Frequency is that once you get into the habit of doing the things that increase your Frequency, things that make you feel good like hiking in nature, meditation, playing with the dog, reading uplifting books, helping others, you get on an upward spiral where your frequency, manifestations, and life keep getting better and better.  The opposite happens when you are in the habit of doing things that bring your frequency down, things that don’t make you feel good like watching the news, not being forgiving, not taking care of yourself, and your life takes a downward spiral.

Increasing your Frequency also has the side effect of raising your Consciousness.  What does this mean?  It means that you will be able to see things from a new and higher perspective, which gives you choices and solutions that you couldn’t see before.  A person who has a high frequency has access to a perspective that is unavailable to a person who is at a lower frequency ranges.  

When you can see things from a higher perspective, you will be able to see and shift things that will have a ripple effect throughout your life.  The shifts you precipitate at a higher level will express or manifest in many ways, some materially, and others as changes in your Consciousness such as more love, an inner knowingness of actions to take, feelings of greater peace and harmony, new ideas that can turn into business opportunities, and generally a deeper understanding of whatever you focus on.

Other expressions of this higher consciousness come as new, expanded ideas, being able to see new openings that you previously couldn’t, the ability to recognize potential in an area and then to manifest it, and an ability to be around discordant energies and stay in the flow. You gain a greater ability to recognize and shift thought forms and beliefs, to see through obstacles, and to realize more of what is possible for you to create, accomplish, and have in your life.  

In other words, you will be able to create your life exactly as you want it to be, in other words Your Dream Life.  You will be able to be, do, and have anything you want. Wouldn’t that be nice?

How To Increase Your Frequency

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Some of us are here on this planet to anchor the Higher Energies that are transforming Mother Earth and all her inhabitants in this time of immense change.  We are “lightning rods” for the planet, if you will.

frequencyThis has been a difficult and sometimes dangerous job. Before the Harmonic Convergence occurred in 1987, this planet was a very dark and dense place.  Many volunteers were required to incarnate on the planet because the new frequencies needed to be anchored within Earth’s Auric Field. With the help of the volunteers, Earth’s frequency has increased exponentially to this day, and continues to.

If you are one of the volunteers, your main task to is to keep your frequencies as high as possible.  The higher our individual frequencies, the higher the frequencies we can anchor as a collective.  Many people pooh-pooh this basic metaphysical concept and say it doesn’t affect them, but because *everything* is energy, frequency affects *all* of us. Even our rocket scientists (high-energy physicists) are now saying that *everything* is energy.


The most compelling reason to learn how to raise your frequency is, according the Law of Attraction, the higher your frequency the faster you can manifest!

So now for those still interested, how do we increase our frequencies?

  • We start by intent:  Declare to the Universe “I want to increase my frequency!”  Declare this intention every morning.
  • Next, we make it a priority to protect our frequency by actively removing ourselves from things that lower our frequency.
  • Finally, we reinforce our intent to increase our frequency by surrounding ourselves with things that raise our frequency. These could be people, pets, places, activities, crystals, etc.

How can you tell higher frequency things from  lower frequency things?  It’s easy!  Higher frequencies feel “good”, lower frequencies feel “bad”.  The more you surround yourself with higher frequency, the better (peace, love, joy, etc) you’ll feel.  Conversely, the more you surround yourself with lower frequency, the worse (depressed, anxious, angry, etc) you’ll feel. Personally, I prefer to feel good; therefore I surround myself with things of higher frequency.  There is no judgement in this; it is simply my preference.

If you too prefer to feel good, you will want to learn how to protect your frequency. It is important to become aware of when your frequency is dropping (ie, something is making you not feel good), and remove yourself as quickly as possible from whatever it is that is making you feel not-so-good. It will be difficult to increase your frequency if you are not aware of how things around you affect your frequency.

The next level is to learn to actively increase your frequency. You will want to do things and surround yourself with things that make you feel good, ie, things of higher frequency.  Your own frequency will begin to rise effortlessly through resonance.

Here are some things that will get you started in raising your frequency:

  1. Become aware in every moment what brings your frequency up, and what brings your frequency down.  Remember, if it’s higher frequency, you feel good,if it’s  lower frequency, you feel bad.
  2. Be willing to *immediately* walk away from things [people, places, situations, movies, etc] that make you feel bad, i.e., bring down your frequency.
  3. Meditate. At least 15 minutes every day. Any form, sitting, walking, yoga, etc.
  4. Do things you are passionate about.  I mean things you really *love* to do. For me, it’s singing, playing music, skiing, and rollerblading. For you, it might be running, swimming, art, walking in nature.
  5. Listen to high frequency music.  My favorite artists are Linking Park (alternative), Michael Hammer (new age), Josh Groban (popera), Sarah Brightman (popera), Michael Buble (big band), Boney James (jazz).  I play Michael Hammer’s music white I’m sleeping. Suprisingly, Linkin Park has a pretty high frequency.
  6. Sit out in the sun. Open yourself to the healing rays of Father Sun.
  7. Immerse yourself in warm salt and lavender water baths (epsom, sea, himalayan). Himalayan salt has a naturally high frequency.
  8. Watch Abraham-Hicks videos on YouTube.  Pay attention to how you feel while watching. You will know which videos uplift (they feel good) you and which ones don’t (they don’t feel as good).

Raising your frequency really is simple, and consistency counts. The more time you spend doing things that raise your frequency, the faster your frequency will rise. The decision is yours. Just Do It.

Spiritual Relationship

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If there has been one over-riding passion in my life, it has been learning about Relationship. Relationship is the fastest and most intense vehicle for Spiritual Growth available. I have always been fascinated by how people interact with each other, relate to each other, misunderstand each other, mistreat each other, and love each other. How is it that two people can proclaim undying love to each other one minute, and hate each other the next?  How can two people who experience exactly the same event see it in entirely different ways? Or most bewildering, how can a man who says he loves you one minute, physically or psychologically abuse you the next? What causes this differing perception? What causes this irrational behavior?  Is this conflicting perception what causes relationships to fail? Is this difference in perception the same reason nations to go to war with each other? Are we doomed to remain separate beings and nations, or is there a solution to this eternal conflict?

As a young girl, I took it for granted that when I was old enough I would find “true love”. As I progressed through adolescence and early adulthood, I began looking for the perfect relationship, one where you were always in harmony with your mate, one where you always saw things the same way.  And of course, you could always read each other’s minds.

After a few early relationships, it soon became apparent that the “perfect” love was going to be harder to find than I naively thought. Undaunted, I became determined to fully understand the dynamics of relationship both by studying all the written material I could find on the subject, and also by experientially participating in different relationships. I even pursued a Masters Degree in Psychology because I naively thought that by studying psychology, I would find the answers I was looking for. My burning questions were 1) Why do relationships that begin as harmonious and passionate usually degenerate into conflict and blame, and sometimes violence, 2) How does one deepen love and sustain the passion in a long-term committed relationship?, 3) How can one gain clarity in a relationship [that they are in]? And most importantly, 4) What is True Love? Does it even exist, and what does it really mean?

After reading every book I could find on Relationship, I stumbled upon a book about spiritual relationship that introduced me to The Pathwork – called “Creating Union”.

The Pathwork is a series of lectures channeled from the Guide by Eva Pierrakos. When I read “Creating Union”, I could feel the energy of the Guide running through my body like an electrical current, shifting me, my thoughts, my perception.  The Guide’s energy was supporting me and helping me to re-member at a soul level what Love really is. For the first time in my life, I began to see that the purpose of relationship is to learn how to keep our hearts open no matter what happens in our lives, and to see every person as Sacred and Divine Beings.

Another tool I use that has helped me find clarity in relationships and in general is the Awakening Your Light Body  program.  I use the Light Body Energies to untangle the stuck Energy in my Mental and Emotional Bodies, and to increase my Frequency, which further untangles stuck Energies. Energetic blockages that you pick up in life cause pain and impede our ability to see things clearly.  After studying the Light Body program, I began to “get it” – that people around us are mirrors that are a reflection of ourselves. The difficulties we have with other people are not because of their stuff, they are caused by our stuff.  It is our responsibility to deal with our stuff. So many people say “If only he didn’t do this”, or “If only she would do that, I would be happy”. STOP!!! This is *victim* mentality and you are giving your power away to others.

The simple truth is that when you clear yourself energetically of your “stuff” (fears, error thinking, mass-consciousness beliefs, expectations, etc), your relationships become more harmonious and deeper because YOU are clearer and able to see things from a different, higher perspective. The wonderful side effect of this clarity is that it becomes easier to keep your heart open so you can truly see the other person as a Divine Being. Unconditional Love is simply the ability to keep your heart open under any circumstances. This is a simple yet incredibly difficult thing to do. The more you clear your “stuff”, the higher your Frequency becomes. The higher your Frequency becomes, the faster you can manifest things that you truly want and desire into your live. The wonderful side effect is that things things that do not serve you (things that are lower Frequency than you) begin falling out of your life.

So do the work.  Take responsibility for your actions. Learn to raise your frequency.  There is no end to how much better your life and your relationships can get, and you will have more LOVE than you ever thought possible.

Frequency Matters

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Have you ever wondered why a bad day perpetuates itself? The reason is simple. Due to the Law of Attraction, you attract “bad” things when your Frequency is low. When you feel bad, not only do bad things (things that you don’t want) happen, but they continue happening.  Conversely, when you feel good, good things (things that you want) happen to you.

How can you change how your day is going if it is not going the way that you want? You have to learn how to raise your frequency.  It is easier to do this than it seems.  Each of us has a built-in internal sensor that tells us where our energy is.  Your internal sensor lets you know that your Frequency is high when you feel good. It also tells you when your Frequency is low because you feel not so good.

The trick is to learn to tune into your sensor on a regular basis *before* your external reality is affected on the days you are running a lower frequency.

Frequency is the primary factor in determining what appears in your experience and your life. How do you know what your frequency is at any given time? It’s simple. When you feel good your frequency is high. When you feel not-so-good, your frequency is not-so-high. Our feeling-sense is our built-in detector of how you are running your energy.  Feel good -> high frequency.  Feel bad -> low frequency.

The frequency you vibrate at on the physical plane is affected your conscious and subconscious thoughts, your beliefs, and your blocks. Some of these frequencies come from thoughts in the mental body, wounds/issues in the emotional body, and beliefs that reside in both the mental and emotional bodies. Thoughts are not the only source of your frequency. Hence, positive thinking techniques are not always enough to change your composite frequency. To change your composite frequency in any meaningful way, deeper work is always required.

What is meant by “deeper work”? Deeper work is the process of clearing the energetic blocks/issues that all of us have. These blocks appear as “tangles” of energy in the emotional and mental bodies. When these tangles or blocks are cleared, this allows energy to flow through you unimpeded from Source. When this happens, you begin to realize that obstacles do not really exist at all. You begin to live in the flow.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to be in the flow all the time? Well, you can if you protect your frequency and make it your goal to steadily increase it.  It’s simple.  Move towards things that make you feel good.  Move away from things that make you feel bad.  Yes, it really is that simple.

The Purpose of Being on the Earth Plane

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I am going to throw out a thought for you to consider – There are 3 primary reasons to be living here on the earth plane: 1) To Gain Consciousness, 2) To Learn to Manifest, and 3) To have fun doing 1 & 2. Arguably, when you gain mastery over these skills, life becomes quite Fun!

Evolution is a natural thing for human beings. As we humans go through life experiencing things, observing things, and learning, we are evolving, ie, gaining consciousness. We are not just physical bodies, but we are Spiritual Beings gaining experience and evolving. The process of evolving – knowing more of who we are, and what we are connected to – allows us to gain Consciousness. And as we gain Consciousness, we become more connected to everything around us.  We also begin looking at things from a higher perspective.  It is like climbing a mountain. The higher you are on the mountain, the more you can see. When you look at things from a higher perspective, you can see solutions to problems that you couldn’t see before. This is what Einstein meant when he said “You can’t solve a problem in the Energy in which it was created.”

Manifesting is also a natural thing for us to do. When we look around us, we naturally want to bring certain things into our lives.  Desire and intent are the first steps in manifesting.  In addition, whatever your purpose here on earth, you are here to achieve that purpose, ie, to manifest it. Sometimes we just forgot how to consciously manifest, and must to remember how to do it.  Just because you don’t remember how to consciously manifest doesn’t mean that you are a loser. It just means you have to take the time to remember how. This is a circular process because the process of learning how to manifest is also the process of increasing consciousness. In this process you learn to look at everything in your life from a higher perspective.

Anything is possible if you can look at it from a high enough perspective.