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What-is-your-passion-resizeI have been on a conscious Spiritual path since 1997. The events (occuring over a number of years) which propelled me onto this path precipitated a “dark night of the soul”, a period during which I struggled to make sense of events that occurred that did not fit into my then world view. The specifics of the events are not really important. What is important is that because these events did not fit into my then world view (based on the moral, ethical, and belief systems learned as a child), my concept of reality fell apart. This is extremely painful when it happens, and I remember thinking that there has to be something more, and a better way to live life. I could either give up and forever bury my pain with alcohol (or drugs), or I could go out and find that better way. I decided upon the latter, and then had to go through the painful and time-consuming process of constructing another foundation of belief system (ultimately on that worked better for me) from the ground up.

At the time, my “dark night of the soul” events launched me on a quest to develop my “psychic skills”, because I never wanted to be blind-sided by such events again. I plunged into a period of learning and discovery, I reading everything I could about developing my psychic skills. One book lead to another, and I soon found myself reading about past lives (and going through a vivid past life experience), meditation, and all things metaphysical. My quest for knowledge soon became a search for Truth, where I would read and toss out concepts that “didn’t feel right”, and grab onto other concepts when they did “feel right”. I never did become “clairvoyant” (psychic, clear seeing), but I learned that I am highly “clairsentient” (where thoughts and ideas just “pop” into my mind), and empathic (like Deanna Troi in Star Trek: The Next Generation). And I did learn to use these skill to my advantage, particularly in the stock market. During this time I remembered that I could do this as a child, but buried the ability at a young age because I did not know how to deal with others’ emotional pain and convoluted thinking. Slowly, I constructed a better foundation of beliefs.

In my quest for Truth, I learned to meditate, but shunned teachings that required following a “guru”. Instead, I gravitated towards teachers who were empowering, who taught you to find answers inside youeslf. In other words, I learned to let go of needing others’ approval, and instead learned to listen within. Along the way, I picked up some really excellent tools to help me listen within, meditation being the primary tool.

At first, I thought that meditation was the only way for me to listen within.  I learned by trial and error, that when I was listen within, I was really Connecting to Source.  And I learned that the easiest way to Connect to Source was to do things I love to do. When I am doing something I love, I can feel Joy flowing through me, and it puts me in The Zone. Recently I have come to understand that when the Joy is flowing through me, I am connected to my Source, and I AM my Higher Self.

I love to rollerblade, ski fast, do lapidary (cut stone), sing jazz, and play music. I love connecting to people one-on-one. I also love seeing new ideas emerge in technology, and seeing how this affects quality of life. No-one else can tell you what you are passionate about. You are the only one who can know that. The things I love to do are so diverse, that I know that I would have no way of guessing what someone else loves.

More importantly, I know that when I am connected to my Source, I am guided and protected no matter what happens because I can hear that still, small, voice within.

Isn’t it time that you connected to your Source?

~ by Sheri Lee on September 26, 2012.

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