The End of the Mayan Calendar

Mayan-Calendar-resizeThe end of the Mayan Calendar is rapidly approaching – December 21, 2012. Throughout history, there have been many predictions about the “End of Days”. Do I believe the world is going to end? No, I don’t.  But I do believe that this is a time of great change.

If you surf the internet, you will see many credible studies that indicate great change.  Of these, the ones I am inclined to take more seriously are Courtney Brown’s “Climate Change” experiment, Clif High’s “Global Coastal Event”, Terence McKenna’s “End of Novelty”,  and Robert Pretcher’s “End of the Super Cycle”. All these predictions focus on different areas (climate, linguistics, timewave, and stock and financial market), but they are all pointing the end of a cycle. Also, if you throw in Patrick Gerald’s work, the end of cycle is supported by some very interesting planetary alignments in November and December of 2012. Gerald is not even looking at any 2013 alignments because he is convinced that the 2012 alignments will create enough chaos on the planet to generate an Extinction Level Event (ELE).  The other researchers are all looking at the period of great change to be between January and June of 2012.  I am anticipating   an interesting ride at the very least.

Recently I encountered what may be a minor thing, but I believe it is a sign of coming changes.  I recently returned from 2 weeks on the Big Island of Hawaii and, curiously, there was a noticable lack of turtles. I visit the Big Island every year and normally there are  Honau (turtles) everywhere – swimming around Kaalu’u and sunning on the beaches near the Keahou Beach Resort. This year, we were lucky to see 1 turtle each time we went snorkeling or diving.  Where have all the turtles gone?

~ by Sheri Lee on October 15, 2012.

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