How To Increase Your Frequency

Some of us are here on this planet to anchor the Higher Energies that are transforming Mother Earth and all her inhabitants in this time of immense change.  We are “lightning rods” for the planet, if you will.

frequencyThis has been a difficult and sometimes dangerous job. Before the Harmonic Convergence occurred in 1987, this planet was a very dark and dense place.  Many volunteers were required to incarnate on the planet because the new frequencies needed to be anchored within Earth’s Auric Field. With the help of the volunteers, Earth’s frequency has increased exponentially to this day, and continues to.

If you are one of the volunteers, your main task to is to keep your frequencies as high as possible.  The higher our individual frequencies, the higher the frequencies we can anchor as a collective.  Many people pooh-pooh this basic metaphysical concept and say it doesn’t affect them, but because *everything* is energy, frequency affects *all* of us. Even our rocket scientists (high-energy physicists) are now saying that *everything* is energy.


The most compelling reason to learn how to raise your frequency is, according the Law of Attraction, the higher your frequency the faster you can manifest!

So now for those still interested, how do we increase our frequencies?

  • We start by intent:  Declare to the Universe “I want to increase my frequency!”  Declare this intention every morning.
  • Next, we make it a priority to protect our frequency by actively removing ourselves from things that lower our frequency.
  • Finally, we reinforce our intent to increase our frequency by surrounding ourselves with things that raise our frequency. These could be people, pets, places, activities, crystals, etc.

How can you tell higher frequency things from  lower frequency things?  It’s easy!  Higher frequencies feel “good”, lower frequencies feel “bad”.  The more you surround yourself with higher frequency, the better (peace, love, joy, etc) you’ll feel.  Conversely, the more you surround yourself with lower frequency, the worse (depressed, anxious, angry, etc) you’ll feel. Personally, I prefer to feel good; therefore I surround myself with things of higher frequency.  There is no judgement in this; it is simply my preference.

If you too prefer to feel good, you will want to learn how to protect your frequency. It is important to become aware of when your frequency is dropping (ie, something is making you not feel good), and remove yourself as quickly as possible from whatever it is that is making you feel not-so-good. It will be difficult to increase your frequency if you are not aware of how things around you affect your frequency.

The next level is to learn to actively increase your frequency. You will want to do things and surround yourself with things that make you feel good, ie, things of higher frequency.  Your own frequency will begin to rise effortlessly through resonance.

Here are some things that will get you started in raising your frequency:

  1. Become aware in every moment what brings your frequency up, and what brings your frequency down.  Remember, if it’s higher frequency, you feel good,if it’s  lower frequency, you feel bad.
  2. Be willing to *immediately* walk away from things [people, places, situations, movies, etc] that make you feel bad, i.e., bring down your frequency.
  3. Meditate. At least 15 minutes every day. Any form, sitting, walking, yoga, etc.
  4. Do things you are passionate about.  I mean things you really *love* to do. For me, it’s singing, playing music, skiing, and rollerblading. For you, it might be running, swimming, art, walking in nature.
  5. Listen to high frequency music.  My favorite artists are Linking Park (alternative), Michael Hammer (new age), Josh Groban (popera), Sarah Brightman (popera), Michael Buble (big band), Boney James (jazz).  I play Michael Hammer’s music white I’m sleeping. Suprisingly, Linkin Park has a pretty high frequency.
  6. Sit out in the sun. Open yourself to the healing rays of Father Sun.
  7. Immerse yourself in warm salt and lavender water baths (epsom, sea, himalayan). Himalayan salt has a naturally high frequency.
  8. Watch Abraham-Hicks videos on YouTube.  Pay attention to how you feel while watching. You will know which videos uplift (they feel good) you and which ones don’t (they don’t feel as good).

Raising your frequency really is simple, and consistency counts. The more time you spend doing things that raise your frequency, the faster your frequency will rise. The decision is yours. Just Do It.

~ by Sheri Lee on January 4, 2012.

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  1. I can vouch for Himalayan salt soaks – they detoxify the body and it is a soothing end to a long day.

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