Spiritual Relationship


If there has been one over-riding passion in my life, it has been learning about Relationship. Relationship is the fastest and most intense vehicle for Spiritual Growth available. I have always been fascinated by how people interact with each other, relate to each other, misunderstand each other, mistreat each other, and love each other. How is it that two people can proclaim undying love to each other one minute, and hate each other the next?  How can two people who experience exactly the same event see it in entirely different ways? Or most bewildering, how can a man who says he loves you one minute, physically or psychologically abuse you the next? What causes this differing perception? What causes this irrational behavior?  Is this conflicting perception what causes relationships to fail? Is this difference in perception the same reason nations to go to war with each other? Are we doomed to remain separate beings and nations, or is there a solution to this eternal conflict?

As a young girl, I took it for granted that when I was old enough I would find “true love”. As I progressed through adolescence and early adulthood, I began looking for the perfect relationship, one where you were always in harmony with your mate, one where you always saw things the same way.  And of course, you could always read each other’s minds.

After a few early relationships, it soon became apparent that the “perfect” love was going to be harder to find than I naively thought. Undaunted, I became determined to fully understand the dynamics of relationship both by studying all the written material I could find on the subject, and also by experientially participating in different relationships. I even pursued a Masters Degree in Psychology because I naively thought that by studying psychology, I would find the answers I was looking for. My burning questions were 1) Why do relationships that begin as harmonious and passionate usually degenerate into conflict and blame, and sometimes violence, 2) How does one deepen love and sustain the passion in a long-term committed relationship?, 3) How can one gain clarity in a relationship [that they are in]? And most importantly, 4) What is True Love? Does it even exist, and what does it really mean?

After reading every book I could find on Relationship, I stumbled upon a book about spiritual relationship that introduced me to The Pathwork – called “Creating Union”.

The Pathwork is a series of lectures channeled from the Guide by Eva Pierrakos. When I read “Creating Union”, I could feel the energy of the Guide running through my body like an electrical current, shifting me, my thoughts, my perception.  The Guide’s energy was supporting me and helping me to re-member at a soul level what Love really is. For the first time in my life, I began to see that the purpose of relationship is to learn how to keep our hearts open no matter what happens in our lives, and to see every person as Sacred and Divine Beings.

Another tool I use that has helped me find clarity in relationships and in general is the Awakening Your Light Body  program.  I use the Light Body Energies to untangle the stuck Energy in my Mental and Emotional Bodies, and to increase my Frequency, which further untangles stuck Energies. Energetic blockages that you pick up in life cause pain and impede our ability to see things clearly.  After studying the Light Body program, I began to “get it” – that people around us are mirrors that are a reflection of ourselves. The difficulties we have with other people are not because of their stuff, they are caused by our stuff.  It is our responsibility to deal with our stuff. So many people say “If only he didn’t do this”, or “If only she would do that, I would be happy”. STOP!!! This is *victim* mentality and you are giving your power away to others.

The simple truth is that when you clear yourself energetically of your “stuff” (fears, error thinking, mass-consciousness beliefs, expectations, etc), your relationships become more harmonious and deeper because YOU are clearer and able to see things from a different, higher perspective. The wonderful side effect of this clarity is that it becomes easier to keep your heart open so you can truly see the other person as a Divine Being. Unconditional Love is simply the ability to keep your heart open under any circumstances. This is a simple yet incredibly difficult thing to do. The more you clear your “stuff”, the higher your Frequency becomes. The higher your Frequency becomes, the faster you can manifest things that you truly want and desire into your live. The wonderful side effect is that things things that do not serve you (things that are lower Frequency than you) begin falling out of your life.

So do the work.  Take responsibility for your actions. Learn to raise your frequency.  There is no end to how much better your life and your relationships can get, and you will have more LOVE than you ever thought possible.

~ by Sheri Lee on November 15, 2011.

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