Confusion is a High Spiritual State

mind-inspiration-3d-wallpaper1-880x495Are you in a stage in your life where things are confusing to you? If you are, I congratulate you. Because confusion is actually a very high spiritual state. It is an indicator that things that you are becoming aware of do not fit into your current “world view”.  When this happens, your belief system and world view must shift/change for the new things to fit in. Sometimes this happens easily, and sometimes not so easily.  The ease of the change depends on how attached you are to your world view and your belief system.  Abraham says that a belief is just a thought that you think frequently.  A belief does not have to be etched in concrete or permanent.  When your life takes you to new places where things don’t quite “fit” in with your beliefs, that’s when confusion happens.  And confusion does not need to be a bad thing because it is what precipitates a shift in your thinking and changing your perspective to a higher one.  This happens organically if you allow it to happen.  The less you resist, the easier the shift will be.

Remember, the shift can be done easily, or with great difficulty. It is your choice.  If you resist the change, if you cling on to old (usually outdated) ways of seeing things, shifting to a higher perspective will be difficult.  On the other hand, if you focus on your guidance and following the flow, on releasing resistance, on trusting the Universe and surrendering to your highest good, the change will always come more easily. And – always – your life will become better, more joyful, more abundant, more satisfying, and more fun. This is the primary mechanism of Spiritual Growth. Always remember, how easy or how hard it is, is always your choice.

~ by Sheri Lee on October 5, 2012.

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