You Are An Extension of Source Energy


In my previous post, I introduced the premise that “Everything is Energy”, and touched on the idea that there is an energetic framework behind everything on the physical plane. In this post we will elaborate further on the energy behind the physical form.

Let’s continue assuming that “Everything is Energy”. A logical conclusion is that we are “Energetic Beings”, since we are part of “Everything”. You may have heard the expression “We are Spiritual Beings Living a Physical Life”. Indeed, we are not only Spiritual Beings, we are also extensions of Source Energy – the Energy everything in the Universe sources from.

The fundamental idea that “We are extensions of Source Energy” is very simple, but the implications are far-reaching. If Source Energy is the basis for everything, then every form that exists on the physical plane is a projection of Energy, ie. everything that exists has an Energetic framework behind it. You can think of it this way: the physical plane is a “movie projected on a screen”, and the Energetic framework is the “film” that gets projected on the screen. If you change whats on the film, you change will whats on the screen.

As I have mentioned in a previous post, most of us have the belief that “work” involves some kind of action on the physical plane. But if Everything is Energy and we are extensions of Source Energy, we should naturally have the ability to perform this “work” at an energetic level above 3D. The results of this energy work will then manifest on the physical plane. Wouldn’t this change our fundamental concept of what “work” is? So how do we affect this Energetic framework? We do it through our frequency or vibration. This is the root of “Law of Attraction”.

Most of the Law of Attraction teachers show us that if we change our thoughts, we can change our reality. This is true, but in my experience it is a slow endeavor. It is difficult to monitor your thoughts 24/7, and to try to stop thinking what we should not be thinking is virtually impossible. Fundamentally, “thought” – as we know it – is part of the 3D plane. To even attempt to work at a level beyond 3D, we must first accept the fact that we are more than just our physical bodies. We, as extensions of Source Energy, have the natural ability to affect and utilize energy; this is our natural birthright.

If we can learn to do our “work” at an energetic level, we are able to effect physical manifestation much more quickly. But first we will need a few more building blocks in our belief system. We will cover some of these building blocks in our next posts. Thanks for listening!

~ by Sheri Lee on May 31, 2009.

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