The Purpose of Being on the Earth Plane

I am going to throw out a thought for you to consider – There are 3 primary reasons to be living here on the earth plane: 1) To Gain Consciousness, 2) To Learn to Manifest, and 3) To have fun doing 1 & 2. Arguably, when you gain mastery over these skills, life becomes quite Fun!

Evolution is a natural thing for human beings. As we humans go through life experiencing things, observing things, and learning, we are evolving, ie, gaining consciousness. We are not just physical bodies, but we are Spiritual Beings gaining experience and evolving. The process of evolving – knowing more of who we are, and what we are connected to – allows us to gain Consciousness. And as we gain Consciousness, we become more connected to everything around us.  We also begin looking at things from a higher perspective.  It is like climbing a mountain. The higher you are on the mountain, the more you can see. When you look at things from a higher perspective, you can see solutions to problems that you couldn’t see before. This is what Einstein meant when he said “You can’t solve a problem in the Energy in which it was created.”

Manifesting is also a natural thing for us to do. When we look around us, we naturally want to bring certain things into our lives.  Desire and intent are the first steps in manifesting.  In addition, whatever your purpose here on earth, you are here to achieve that purpose, ie, to manifest it. Sometimes we just forgot how to consciously manifest, and must to remember how to do it.  Just because you don’t remember how to consciously manifest doesn’t mean that you are a loser. It just means you have to take the time to remember how. This is a circular process because the process of learning how to manifest is also the process of increasing consciousness. In this process you learn to look at everything in your life from a higher perspective.

Anything is possible if you can look at it from a high enough perspective.

~ by Sheri Lee on June 9, 2009.

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