George Kavassilas

I recently came across some compelling videos from a fellow by the name of George Kavassilas. The information he presents is very timely and feels like Truth to me. Some of his best work was presented at the Sydney Equinox Seminar in 2011, and it is currently available to watch on YouTube.

There are people trying to discredit George because some of his predictions did not come to pass like he said, just as some people are trying to discrete the Operation Terra messages for the same reason.  As with any teaching, channeling, or message, you have to use your inner guidance to discern whether it aligns with your truth or not.  When I read the first OT Message in 1999 or when I listen to George, my innermost self whispers “This is My Truth”.  And that is all I need to know.  Most of the teachings that resonate with me have to do with “learning to listen to your divine self” or “connecting to your Source or Inner Being”. These are the only teachings that serve me.  I have discovered that when you connect to Source, you become start seeing things that you couldn’t before, make different decisions than you did before, and as a result your life just gets better and better.

When I first watched one of George’s videos (It was the Sun, the Moon, and the Matrix), I also *knew* that he was speaking Truth for me.

(Now remember, Truth for me does not necessarily mean it is Truth for you. It is up to you to find your own Truth, which is why you must learn to “listen within”.)

There are many teachings that show you how to discern Truth for yourself. Truth feels as if you’ve always known it. It comes from your innermost self. Abraham calls this “coming into alignment with your inner being”. The Awakening Your Light Body meditation technique goes further in that it gives you tools to become more aware of subtle energies. By becoming aware of subtle energies, you also become more aware of your connection to your Higher Self. Sanaya Roman’s book “Living with Joy” also teaches these concepts. Discernment is, for most of us, the most important thing to learn at this time.

~ by Sheri Lee on March 6, 2012.

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