Frequency and Consciousness

IMG_0690There is a Secret that those in power don’t want you to know. The secret is that YOU are a powerful creator capable of manifesting pretty much anything that you want, from that new car you have been eyeing to a bright and beautiful future for ourselves and generations to come.  What is the key to manifesting, you ask?  It’s your Frequency and Emotions.  High Frequency and positive Emotions manifests what you want. Low Vibration and negative Emotions manifests what you don’t want.  It’s really that simple.

Increasing your Frequency will enable you to manifest your dream life. As your frequency rises, your manifestations will become more and more positive, and also manifest more quickly in your life.  But if you pay attention to the news and all the bad things that are happening in the world around you, your frequency stays low which is just what the powers that be want. And from that low frequency state, you have very little chance of manifesting “the life of your dreams”.  In fact, there is built-in “protection” mechanism that disables instant manifestation from a low Frequency state. This is to protect you and everyone around you.  Just imaging the chaos that could ensue if you had the power to manifest instantaneously from a lower frequency!

The thing about Frequency is that once you get into the habit of doing the things that increase your Frequency, things that make you feel good like hiking in nature, meditation, playing with the dog, reading uplifting books, helping others, you get on an upward spiral where your frequency, manifestations, and life keep getting better and better.  The opposite happens when you are in the habit of doing things that bring your frequency down, things that don’t make you feel good like watching the news, not being forgiving, not taking care of yourself, and your life takes a downward spiral.

Increasing your Frequency also has the side effect of raising your Consciousness.  What does this mean?  It means that you will be able to see things from a new and higher perspective, which gives you choices and solutions that you couldn’t see before.  A person who has a high frequency has access to a perspective that is unavailable to a person who is at a lower frequency ranges.  

When you can see things from a higher perspective, you will be able to see and shift things that will have a ripple effect throughout your life.  The shifts you precipitate at a higher level will express or manifest in many ways, some materially, and others as changes in your Consciousness such as more love, an inner knowingness of actions to take, feelings of greater peace and harmony, new ideas that can turn into business opportunities, and generally a deeper understanding of whatever you focus on.

Other expressions of this higher consciousness come as new, expanded ideas, being able to see new openings that you previously couldn’t, the ability to recognize potential in an area and then to manifest it, and an ability to be around discordant energies and stay in the flow. You gain a greater ability to recognize and shift thought forms and beliefs, to see through obstacles, and to realize more of what is possible for you to create, accomplish, and have in your life.  

In other words, you will be able to create your life exactly as you want it to be, in other words Your Dream Life.  You will be able to be, do, and have anything you want. Wouldn’t that be nice?

~ by Sheri Lee on January 6, 2012.

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