Frequency Matters

Have you ever wondered why a bad day perpetuates itself? The reason is simple. Due to the Law of Attraction, you attract “bad” things when your Frequency is low. When you feel bad, not only do bad things (things that you don’t want) happen, but they continue happening.  Conversely, when you feel good, good things (things that you want) happen to you.

How can you change how your day is going if it is not going the way that you want? You have to learn how to raise your frequency.  It is easier to do this than it seems.  Each of us has a built-in internal sensor that tells us where our energy is.  Your internal sensor lets you know that your Frequency is high when you feel good. It also tells you when your Frequency is low because you feel not so good.

The trick is to learn to tune into your sensor on a regular basis *before* your external reality is affected on the days you are running a lower frequency.

Frequency is the primary factor in determining what appears in your experience and your life. How do you know what your frequency is at any given time? It’s simple. When you feel good your frequency is high. When you feel not-so-good, your frequency is not-so-high. Our feeling-sense is our built-in detector of how you are running your energy.  Feel good -> high frequency.  Feel bad -> low frequency.

The frequency you vibrate at on the physical plane is affected your conscious and subconscious thoughts, your beliefs, and your blocks. Some of these frequencies come from thoughts in the mental body, wounds/issues in the emotional body, and beliefs that reside in both the mental and emotional bodies. Thoughts are not the only source of your frequency. Hence, positive thinking techniques are not always enough to change your composite frequency. To change your composite frequency in any meaningful way, deeper work is always required.

What is meant by “deeper work”? Deeper work is the process of clearing the energetic blocks/issues that all of us have. These blocks appear as “tangles” of energy in the emotional and mental bodies. When these tangles or blocks are cleared, this allows energy to flow through you unimpeded from Source. When this happens, you begin to realize that obstacles do not really exist at all. You begin to live in the flow.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to be in the flow all the time? Well, you can if you protect your frequency and make it your goal to steadily increase it.  It’s simple.  Move towards things that make you feel good.  Move away from things that make you feel bad.  Yes, it really is that simple.

~ by Sheri Lee on September 6, 2010.

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