Is Tony Robbins Spiritual?

Tony Robbins? Who’s That?

tony-robbins-sorkin-videoSixteenByNine1050I have been meditating and consciously following a Spiritual Path for almost 20 years.  Life has always been a (mostly fun) roller coaster ride, and I definitely started to relax and have more fun after I consciously stepped onto my Spiritual Path. However, in the last year or 2, I started wanting better tools for manifesting “The Life of My Dreams”.

So when a friend asked me to go to Tony Robbins’ Unleash The Power Within event last year in San Jose, I hesitated. I had a vague recollection that he was a “motivational speaker”, but I didn’t know if he would fit into my [Spiritual] reality.  My friend told me to watch the Tony Robbins documentary on Netflix “I Am Not Your Guru” before I made a decision.  So I did.  I found the Netflix documentary fascinating.  I had heard about TR, that he was a “motivational speaker”, but I had no idea what he was all about.  What struck me about Tony in action was how much compassion and empathy he has for people.  He really cares about people, and his ability to cut through the bullshit and hone in to the real issue is uncanny.  Also amazing is how he  quickly he can find the chink in someone’s armor and actually say exactly the right words to spark a change.  And these are not cases where people make lip service to change, and then forget about it when they go home.  His team actually follows up for years later to see how the person is doing.  Seeing what he could do, I quickly decided that I didn’t want to see Tony Robbins, I wanted to be Tony Robbins.  So I told my friend yes, I’ll go.

UPW San Jose 2017

Registration  My friend and I drove down to the SAP stadium the evening before the event to register.  Wow!  The line was seemed to be miles long.  We heard there were over 12,000 signed up. It took us 2-3 hours to register.  Apparently there are different “levels” of seating, and if you were in the highest 2 levels, you got a special (shorter) line.  But the people around us were very friendly, and the staff (all volunteers) were very helpful, so it was kinda fun.  We easily struck up conversations with people around us, some of which would remain lifelong friends.

At The Event  The next morning we went in bright and early.  It was like walking into a Rock Concert.  We could here the music as soon as we stepped into the SAP Center.  We were in the General Seating area, and the stadium was packed so it took a little time to find 2 seats together.  After we settled in, I looked around and saw people of all ages, races, and from all walks of life.  And the majority of them seemed to be rabid Tony Robbins fans. There were dancers on the stage, and the music was a combination of pop and electronic, chosen by a master DJ to pump you up.  When Tony Robbins came onto the stage, EVERYONE stood up and cheered.  He really is a Rock Star.

For 3 days, I met new people and learned a TON of new things.  Tony is a Master of NLP, but more than that, he is a Wizard of the Mind and Transformation. The agenda at UPW sets you up for Transformation.  He covers all the bases – Mindset, Career, Financial, Business, Relationship, Physical. No-one is immune, because everyone wants a better life no matter what your level. I wasn’t a Tony Robbins fan before I walked into that event, but now I am with great respect for what he is doing for the world.  The key to his success is that he is a True Master at what he does, AND he totally over-delivers.

I’m not going to tell you any more of what happens at the event.  If you want to know more, you will just have to GO.  You will not regret it. And to answer the question “Is Tony Robbins Spiritual?”  Absolutely!

~ by Sheri Lee on March 27, 2017.

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