The Source Is With You


We live in a Vibrational Universe, and You are a Vibrational Being.  More accurately, YOU are an Extension of Source Energy.  Everything is Energy, including You. Einstein understood this when he derived the equation E=mc**2. This simple equation translates into this:  Matter (this includes YOU) is just another form of Energy.

The implications of this simple statement – Everything is Energy – is that our basic beliefs about how the world around us works are foundationally incorrect; that our collective assumptions about the basis of our reality and the Universe are fundamentally different from what we have been taught. For us to operate in this Universe as we were meant to operate, we must change our belief system to reflect more closely how things actually work.

The most profound implication of this fact “We are Extensions of Source Energy” is that we are all born with Intuitive ability.  Just think about this for a minute.  We are all born with an Internal Guidance System.  We are all Intuitive.

Some of the most basic beliefs most people have are “We must work [hard] for a living and then we can retire” or “Money doesn’t grow on trees” . “Work” usually involves doing some form of action for someone else [something that we usually don’t even like]. A corollary to this belief is that “Lazy people don’t get anywhere in life”.  How many of us have grown up with our parents telling us this? How many of us have a little voice in our head that keeps telling us this? Well, this belief is incorrect! Here’s why.

Just imagine for a moment that “Everything is Energy”. Einstein did prove this mathematically, and if this is true for ANYTHING to exist in the physical there must be an ENERGETIC framework for the physical form.

If you are here on this planet, you are already a Master Creator.  But this is something that most of us have totally forgotten.  We have all manifested [created] things that we have needed or wanted. Most people have manifested simple things such as food, clothing, and shelter. But wait you say, that isn’t manifesting. That’s just part of life. Well, the definition of manifesting is “attracting something you want into your life”. It can be simple things like food, clothing, shelter, or it could be more elaborate things like a mansion, it can be a person such as a loved one, or it can be non-material things like a situation or opportunity. No matter what it is, by attracting it into your life you have manifested it!

Manifesting by working only at the physical level is what we were all taught to do.  It is the cause of our incorrect beliefs such as “It’s Hard To Make Money”. A simple way to increase your effectiveness at manifesting anything is to work first at the Energetic Level of the thing you want to manifest.  Your life will become much easier if you get into the habit of creating the Energetic Framework of whatever you want to manifest first, before you do anything else. When you work on the Energy, you are paving the way for your manifestation to happen easily.  You will get Inspired Action and synchronicities..

So how do we create an Energetic Framework above the 3D level? We do it primarily through our Vibration or Frequency. This has been labeled the “Law of Attraction”. However, to gain a true understanding of the Law of Attraction, you must go far beyond your thoughts and “positive thinking”.

This is one of the best Abraham sessions I have ever heard, where Esther Hicks and Abraham explains how everything just comes to you when you line up with your “inner being” or Source Energy.  Enjoy!

~ by Sheri Lee on June 14, 2017.

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