We Are Multi-Dimensional Beings

multidimensional_cropAs the frequencies on the planet amp up, more and more people are experiencing symptoms of vertigo, dizziness, “being zoned out”, or being in an “altered” state of consciousness. The reason for this is simple: Our Non-Physical Senses are waking up.

Truth be told, we are multi-dimensional beings who chose to incarnate on the earth plane. When we come here, we have to learn to focus our awareness in 3D in order to function and survive. We learned to rely on our 5 physical senses – to the exclusion of our internal/non-physical/higher-density senses. This doesn’t mean that we only have our 5 physical senses here, just that most of us have forgotten that we have other senses and how to use them.

But now that the frequencies of the planet are being raised, our non-physical senses are coming back on-line. Slowly (or in some cases, more quickly) we are becoming aware of our internal senses. and actually starting to process information from them. When we do so our perceptions, or state of consciousness, will seem altered. Some people will report feeling dizziness or vertigo. But in the end, the way that we sense and process information is changing.

When you feel yourself in an “altered” state, it is an invitation to go inward. Surrendering to the invitation will, in turn, expand the non-physical senses and allow your frequencies to rise. If you allow it, you can get to the point where you are functioning more with non-physical senses than physical senses. Operating in these states does take practice, especially if you are doing something purely physical like driving a car. Conversely, you can force your awareness back to the physical world, and you will pull yourself out of the altered state. When you do this, your frequencies will drop according to what you are focusing on.

If you allow yourself to learn how to function in an “altered” state, your life will feel more expansive and spacious. You will start to do only what you want to do, and you will feel like you have all the time in the world to do it in. This is because in the altered state, you are perceiving and working (playing) at an energetic level. You are working at level of the energetic framework that exists for everything you see in 3D. When you are in an altered state you naturally create and manifest at this higher level. You will be playing at the higher levels of reality (in contrast to working at the lower levels). It is a very different and much more joyful way of doing things. Manifestation is much easier at the higher levels and doesn’t require the pushing and pulling that creating at a purely physical level does.

The more you allow yourself to function in this manner, the more and more you bring your non-physical senses on-line, and the more connected you will be to the higher aspects of your Being. That, my friends, is a lovely way to BE.

~ by Sheri Lee on June 21, 2013.

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