Use Your Intuition To Create What You Want

Everyone knows what “intuition” is. Some people think of it as “gut feel”. A common belief is that some people have it and some people don’t, but in reality everyone is intuitive. The main problem is that we are not taught to connect to it or develop it. One thing is for certain: If you don’t use it, you lose it. If you don’t use your intuition, you lose your connection to it.

Luckily, learning to connect to your intuition is simple. Very simply put: If something feels good, your intuition is telling you that that something is a good thing to move towards. Now I’m not talking about immediate-gratification-feel-good. I’m talking about joyful, lasting, exciting, feels-right, I-am-passionate-about-this, I-really-want-this, Soul-expanding feels good. The trick is to not let your mind sabotage or short-circuit your intuition.

What commonly happens when something feels good or you feel excited about something, is that the mind immediately kicks in with thoughts like “no, I could never [be, do, have] that, or even more commonly “I don’t have the money to [be, do, have] that.

Well, you don’t have to let your mind have the last word. The key to understand here is that you can move towards your passion one baby-step at a time. You can counter the mind by gently but deliberately thinking “Wouldn’t it be nice to [be, do, have] that?” Allow yourself to think “Wouldn’t it be nice…” After you do that for awhile, the next step is to let yourself feel what it would be like to [be, do, have] that. Keep thinking “wouldn’t it be nice to …” and this is what it would feel like. Once you get used to this feeling (pun intended), now you can allow yourself to really really feel the WANTING . When you get to the I WANT THIS stage, the Universe will marshal all its resources (and believe me, the Universe has unlimited resources) to BRING YOU WHAT YOU WANT!

We have grown up so used to our parents telling us that “we can’t have that” or “you shouldn’t want that” or “you don’t deserve it” that we get programmed to believe this. The first step in deprogramming these limiting and destructive beliefs is to start allowing yourself to feel what [being, doing, having] you REALLY REALLY want.

~ by Sheri Lee on July 31, 2013.

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