The Keys to Manifestation

One of the things I have trouble understanding is why so many Lightworkers struggle with poverty consciousness.  It boggles my mind that people who seem to “get it” on so many levels don’t “get” how simple manifestation really is.  Poverty consciousness is a very real frequency that is pervasive, seeded on this planet to control the population.  Many of my most spiritual friends are stuck in it, and are constantly worrying about money, or more accurately, the lack of money.  Is it a coincidence that my spiritual friends are focusing more on doing for others rather than on taking care of themselves?  Don’t get me wrong; it is a great thing to be in Service to the planet, but it does it serve the greater good to do it at the expense of your own well-being.

Manifestation on the physical plane is quite easy – once you understand that the Most Important Thing You can do is Tend To Your Own Well-Being.

What does that mean you ask?  Here is where Abraham says it best :

~ by Sheri Lee on February 1, 2013.

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