Everything Is Energy – yes even your dog!

Everything-is-energyThe Quantum Physicists are indeed correct: Everything is Energy. Einstein understood this when he derived the equation E=mc**2. This simple equation translates into this: Matter is just another form of Energy.

What are the implications of this simple statement – “Everything is Energy”? Well, it tells us that some of our basic beliefs are foundationally incorrect, that the basis for our reality and Universe are fundamentally different from what we thought it was. To operate in this Universe as we were meant to operate, we must change our belief system to reflect more closely what actually is.

One of the most basic beliefs most people have is that “We must work [hard] for a living”. “Work” usually involves some form of action on the physical plane. A corollary to this belief is that “Lazy people don’t get anywhere in life”. How many of us have grown up with our parents telling us this? How many of us have a little voice in our head that keeps telling us this? Well, this belief is incorrect! I will explain why.

If you assume that the statement “Everything is Energy” is correct, and Einstein proved this mathematically, then you must assume that for ANYTHING to exist in the physical there must be an ENERGETIC framework for the physical form.

We have all manifested [created] things that we have needed or wanted. Most people have manifested simple things such as food, clothing, and shelter. But wait you say, that isn’t manifesting. That’s just part of life. Well, my definition of manifesting is “making something come into your life”. It can be simple things like food, clothing, shelter, or it could be more elaborate things like a mansion, or it can be non-material things like a situation or opportunity. No matter what it is, by making it come into your life you have manifested it.

Ideally, the process of manifesting [creating] anything in the physical [3D] world first involves the process of creating the Energetic Framework [for whatever you want to manifest]. When you take the time to build the Energetic Framework *first*, the form manifests easily in the physical 3D world. To change anything in 3D from 3D requires *a lot* of work.

So how do we create an Energetic Framework above the 3D level? We do it primarily through our Vibration or Frequency. This has been labeled the “Law of Attraction”. However, to gain a true understanding of the Law of Attraction, you must go far beyond your thoughts and “positive thinking”.

In our next post, we will delve deeper into Energy, Frequency, and Manifestation.

Thanks for listening!

~ by Sheri Lee on May 28, 2009.

One Response to “Everything Is Energy – yes even your dog!”

  1. You have a very good approach to the subject. As in every thing, it can be viewed from any angles. Science and “Spiritual” angles are the most obvious. Religious angles are very restricted because of the “Theology” of various religions.

    Keep up the good work!

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