Procrastination Is A Problem, Right?

Procrastination is a problem that everyone encounters at one point or another.  Even Type-A go-get-em people are known to occasionally run out of gas and lose their motivation.  This is why high performance coaches like Tony Robbins and Brendon Burchard are in such great demand.

But is procrastination really the problem that most people make it out to be?  Or is it the work of a higher source of guidance, whispering to be heard?

Have you ever been totally unmotivated to do something that you really wanted to do?  And no matter how you tried to motivate yourself, you were simply uninspired to do whatever it was you were supposed to do.  Perhaps your feet dragging was simply trying to tell you that it wasn’t quite time for action.  I do know that in my life, there were occasions where I was totally unmotivated to take action, and in retrospect, if I had tried to take that action it would have been wasted effort.

Nowadays, I have learned to listen to what my intuition tells me, and if it’s not time for something yet I will put it on the back burner until it is time for action.  This can come across as procrastination – especially to those massive action people (you know who I mean).

In this video, Abraham tells that “Procrastination is the wisdom to not try to force something that you are not vibrationally ready for”.  If it feels like you have to force an action, the energetic setup has not been complete.  The key is to wait until the energetic setup is complete, and only then move forward with the action.  Maybe Abraham is on to something…

~ by Sheri Lee on May 28, 2018.

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