Things I Wish My Mother Had Taught Me

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There are certain basic things most parents try to teach their children:

  1. The Difference between Right and Wrong,
  2. Be Nice To Others,
  3. The Golden Rule (Do unto others as you would have others do unto you),
  4. The Importance of Sharing,

and the list goes on…  While these things are certainly good to teach to your children, they ignore the underlying structure of how the Universe works.

I was born an Intuitive Empath.  That means that I was very sensitive to Energy and the emotions of the people around me.  If I had known certain things, it would have made my life much easier.  Here are the things I wish my parents had taught me.  Fortunately, it is never too late to learn these things.

The 3 Governing Principles

First, there are 3 underlying principles that govern us and this Universe that we live in. These principles help explain how the Universe is set up, and how we are meant to navigate the Universe successfully.
I)  Everything is Energy. We are Vibrational Beings living in a Vibrational Universe. This is physics:  Everything boils down to Energy.
II)  Energy attracts like Energy. The Energy you put out into the Universe comes back to you – tenfold or more.  The thoughts, words, and actions that you put out into the Universe comes back to you.  Some call this Karma.
III)  Everyone has an Internal Guidance System.  This one is very important. You have an Internal Guidance System that tells you whether something feels good or feels bad. Abraham calls it positive or negative emotion.  Tony Robbins calls it a beautiful or a suffering state.  Whatever you call it, it is an indicator of whether or not something is aligned with Your Energy.  Because it is relative to Your Energy, no one else is able to tell you whether or not something is good for you or bad for you.  Unfortunately, this is something that most parents are not very good at accepting.

With these 3 governing principles in mind, making decisions becomes really simple. Your Internal Guidance System is really really simple to use – If something feels good, move towards it; if something feels bad, move away from it.   Choosing friends becomes simple.  Choosing your new job becomes simple.  Difficult decision? Deciding what you want to do in the moment is simple. Do I go this way or that way?  You simply choose which one feels better. Life becomes simple, and good things begin to flow into your life easily and effortlessly.

Once you understand the 3 governing principles, you are ready to tackle the 10 Prime Directives.  The 10 Prime Directives only make sense if you understand the 3 Governing Principles.

The 10 Prime Directives

1)  The most important Prime Directive is to PROTECT YOUR FREQUENCY. Be aware of how people, places, or situations are affecting you. If something feels bad, walk away.

2)  Mind Your Frequency Gap.  That is, the gap between the frequency of your Inner Being and You.  Make it a habit to Increase Your Frequency on a Daily Basis. This can be done simply by meditating 20 minutes a day. If you keep increasing your frequency, your life will just get better and better because you are closing the frequency gap between you and your Inner Being. This is also beneficial for the planet and everyone around you.

3a)  The Higher your Frequency, the Easier it is to Manifest, and the less you are affected by bad stuff (lower frequencies).

3b)  The Higher your Frequency, the more Transparent you are to Negative Energies and the faster you can recover when you get whapped by negative energies.

4) There are 2 Kinds of People in the world – Service-To-Others (STO) and Service-To-Self (STS).    STOs are positive polarity beings, and STSs are negative polarity beings.  The distinguishing difference between STO and STS is that STOs are oriented towards serving others, and STSs are oriented towards self service. Generally speaking, you will resonate more with people who are of the same polarity you are.

5)  High Frequency people feel/are more powerful than low frequency people.  A person can be high frequency whether they are Service-To-Self Beings (STS) or Service-To-Other Beings (STO).  As an intuitive empath, you will be able to feel the difference.  Being aware of someone’s frequency as well as polarity makes it easier to understand their motivations:  Why they do certain things, what to expect, how to respond. This is a key to leadership, persuasion and influence.

6)  Surround yourself with High Frequency Service-To-Others (STO) because they will help you maintain and raise your frequency. If you hang around low frequency people or Service-To-Self (STS), it will affect your own frequency and your Well-Being will suffer.

7)  Strong Energy is Contagious. If you are around someone who is experiencing extreme emotion (mad, sad, happy, etc), you will pick up that energy if you do not take precautions (move away, become transparent).  Similarly, if you are around strong positive energy, it will feel really good and you will want to hang around for awhile.

8a) You are responsible for Installing Your Own Positive Belief System, otherwise you will assume mass consciousness beliefs such as poverty consciousness, aging, etc, if you don’t have other beliefs in place.
8b) Poverty Consciousness is a (mass consciousness) energy that was seeded onto the planet to control the population, and can be overcome by being Aware and Conscious of the frequency.  Remember, The Universe is a Safe, Abundant and Friendly Place.

9) People of Similar Frequencies and Polarities will Resonate with each other, and it will feel good to be around them. Conversely, the bigger the frequency gap you have with another person, means the more you will probably “not get along” or feel uncomfortable with them.

10) The Higher your Frequency, the more powerfully you will Bring the Qualities of the Higher Realms – Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, Abundance into your Life.

Keep these Prime Directives in mind.  They are the key to creating the Life of Your Dreams.  Know that you are a Magnificent Creator Being who came here with the intention of Anchor the New Frequencies of Light for the Planet, and to create a beautiful future for Humanity. Empower yourself and your children by learning and teaching the Prime Directives!

~ by Sheri Lee on January 1, 2015.

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  1. Excellent words! Thank you for sharing!

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