The Path of Ascension

One of my dearest friends, Randy Magnus, passed away yesterday – on December 31, 2014. soulstarcrop Randy was funny, quirky, a little bit weird, a little bit stubborn, and he wasn’t fond of exercise, but he was a guy with the biggest heart and the kindest soul you could ever hope to meet. He was the type of person who would do anything that he could for you, never asking for anything in return.

Randy was the editor of the Kona Times Online Newspaper. He had the enviable job of documenting the goings-on of the most beautiful place on the Planet – The Big Island of Hawaii. Even though it didn’t look like he had much from the outside, make no mistake – Randy was a Master of Manifestation. After all, he managed to manifest the perfect job for himself in the perfect place, in addition to yearly trips to Thailand which he loved dearly. And he always had all the gadgets he needed to do his job well – computers, desktops, laptops, multiple cameras – still and video, the latest software, iMovie, etc. He was the first guy I knew who owned a GoPro, back when no one knew what a GoPro was! He covered hula, music, cultural events, holidays, political events, parades, pretty much anything and everything if it had to do with Hawaii or the Hawaiian people. He knew Uncle George and Auntie Margaret personally, and even introduced me to them.  I saw him every year on my annual Hawaiian vacation, since the day I met him at the Sheraton Keahou Bay in 1994. We would go to Magic Sands and Dave’s Beach, the Farmer’s Market and Kahalu’u to watch the turtles, and eat poki and sushi til we were stuffed. Then we would go to Huggo’s on the Rocks and watch his beloved Hula Dancers and the Hot Lava All-Girl Band as they performed against the magnificent backdrop of the sun setting on the Pacific Ocean.

We would talk about what was going on on the Big Island, where the turtles and manta rays were appearing, what was happening with the Keahou Bay Resort, this person playing jazz guitar here, and that band playing the evening there. Oh, and you have to see the Christmas Parade, it’s on Saturday. He would also give me advice on how to improve my video editing and audio recordings which I would send him links to on YouTube and SoundCloud. Randy knew an awful lot about video and audio recording and editing. It also seemed like he knew EVERYBODY on the Big Island, but most importantly he was a connection to the Old Ways and the Elders on Hawaii.

Randy knew what the Spirit of Aloha really means. In fact, he embodied it. It is an Energy, a Higher Power, an Unconditional Love, that is meant to be shared. When you go to Hawaii, especially the Big Island, you can feel it. The elder teachers know this, and honored and welcomed Randy for his understanding and respect for Aloha and the Old Ways, even though he was Haole (White). Some newer teachers (I will not name names) do not understand this at all, and when the elder teachers pass away the knowledge of Aloha will too pass away, especially now since there is no-one who respects the old ways left to document and preserve the teachings.

I will miss Randy dearly, but I know in my heart that his passing at the brink of this Time Of Transformation is part of his life script. You see, Randy is a Way-Shower. He was here to remind people of the Energies of Kindness and Unconditional Love, the Spirit of Aloha, respect for the old ways, and respect for the land. For these are the frequencies that pave the way to the 4th Density [the 5th dimension], this Planet’s next Vibrational Destination on the Path of Ascension.  In fact, the Planet has already arrived in 4th Density and is waiting for us to follow.  And now Randy is on the other side to help pull us through.

Randy was deeply connected to the Island in a way that goes far beyond Love – he was a part of it, and it was a part of him. He did his job with this same deep Love to show us the way. Pele is very proud of her son …

~ by Sheri Lee on January 1, 2015.

8 Responses to “The Path of Ascension”

  1. “To Yours Be The Glory”……….Dear Randy…….Forever Peace

  2. Thank you for a lovely memory of Randy. You really nailed it. He was such a beautiful soul. Your essay is truly helping me get over his passing. Thank you, thank you. Lani Lee.

    • Thank you for the reply, Lani. I’m so happy it helped. I agree, he IS a beautiful soul and he shared that with so many people during his life. I was able to capture his essence in words only because he is looking over my shoulder guiding me 🙂 Without a physical body to hinder him, he is much more able to shower us with his love. Blessings to you and your family. – Sheri Lee

  3. Beautiful…do you mind if I repost this on Randy’s high school Facebook page? We who went to school with Randy have been following his page. I think many would enjoy hearing your comments.

    • Hi Jennifer, thank you so much for your reply. It’s lovely to hear from all of Randy’s friends. Please feel free to distribute this post to anyone you think who will enjoy it. Blessings, Sheri Lee

  4. Mahalo nui loa for such an awesome words to remembered Randy he will truly be missed especially when he’d come down to Huggo’s on the Rocks and photo us Hula Dancers….He was such a dear friend I’m still shock of this news.

    • Hello Pua Ka’ahanui, it’s not going to be the same without Randy. Yes, he loved going to Huggo’s on the Rocks and shooting pictures of both you and also Hot Lava. I went with him many times. Thank you for reminding me. I added some words about that to the essay. Randy will be remembered with much love…

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