What Is Enlightenment?


Enlightenment has been sought by many people throughout the ages, on as many different paths as there are Spiritual teachers.  So what is Enlightenment?  The best explanation I have heard is this:  Enlightenment is a state of Consciousness where the Mind becomes completely expanded and filled with Divine Light.  Literally, the Mind merges with Light and Consciousness and everything else recedes into the background as unimportant, and one becomes a vehicle of Love, Joy, Bliss and Ecstasy.   The Mind becomes One with God/Source/All-There-Is, and one gains  access to the understanding and the wisdom of the Universal Mind.  In simpler terms, one becomes aware of the True Nature of Reality.  And in Reality, it is not the end, but rather the Beginning of what is to come.

At the start of the seeker’s seeking, when the seeker is usually obsessed with obtaining Enlightenment, the Awakening experience is more often than not short-lived.  Called Satori, it can last anywhere from seconds to days, but usually the experience fades and the seeker is left desperately trying to regain the experience which has become illusive.  However, over time, and with the guidance of the right teacher, the Satori experience can be a springboard from which true Enlightenment is attained.

So, is Enlightenment really possible, aside from those sage few like the Buddha who have obtained Enlightenment only after a lifetime of intense seeking, training, and dedication, searching for wisdom, and following enlightened teachers?  The answer is YES.  Enlightenment is not only possible, but it is EVERYONE’s destiny to become Enlightened. It is only a matter of time.

And Enlightenment is not reserved for those pursuing a Spiritual Path.  It happens to  ordinary people everyday living ordinary lives.  Enlightenment is the natural result of our Spiritual Evolution.  It is inevitable, and it WILL happen naturally – but only when the time is right, and usually only after a period of intense searching.  And the interesting thing is not the process of becoming Enlightened itself, but what comes after.

Most Enlightened Beings never become teachers but instead live quiet lives filled with Love, Joy, and Bliss.  These people prove that you don’t have to go off and live in a cave to become Enlightened.  Nor do you have to live in a cave after Enlightenment.  It is possible to become Enlightened right here in the life you are living now.  You can remain fully engaged in your life during the seeking, and even after the attainment of Enlightenment.

The only prerequesite to become Enlightened is that one practices some form of Meditation technique consistently.  This can be any type of Meditation where one is focused on what is going on in the Mind.  Most people find it challenging to carve out some time in one’s life, but this is necessary.

Being Enlightened doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t ever have any problems again.  But it does mean that you have the Consciousness, Wisdom, and Compassion to deal with any problems in way that is for the best and highest good.

Maitreya Ishwara is an Enlightened Being who left his body in July 2012.  He had a family and a business, but that did not stop him from spreading his teachings about the Path of Enlightenment.  Here he speaks about Enlightenment in a beautifully accessible way.


~ by Sheri Lee on April 22, 2018.

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